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About Fazenda Bananal

Welcome to Fazenda Bananal – an original 17th century farm. Restored after careful historical and architectural research, the Farm was redeveloped with the aim of informing and shaping the explorers of the future.

Fazenda Bananal was reborn for a new era: of Conservation and of Childhood Education for a sustainable future. In this new era, we are proud of our forest, our fauna and our land. Above all, we are entering an era in which each of us can sow health and reap happiness.

The abundant natural environment that surrounds ​​the Farm, a total of 180 hectares (445 acres), is of extreme exuberance. We preserve more than 70% of our Atlantic Forest areas and, since 2015, we have undertaken the replanting of 21 thousand trees. Encouraging the discovery of this natural heritage and biodiversity is key to the project’s focus on sustainability and eco-agronomy.

We support the development of tourism in Paraty through stimulating social, educational and environmental practices, where Nature flourishes in its natural space and intuitive learning through experimentation is encouraged and supported.

In addition, a major focus of our work is sharing sustainable production methods and techniques with local producers.

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