Educational Activities

Activities in harmony with the environment

The Farm has a sustainable ecosystem, and environmental practices are presented to visitors by specialized educators. They present our food production that is in tune with the seasonality and the local community. They encourage knowledge about our rich´s biome, Atlantic Forest, through bird watching, trails to discover the flora and fauna, among other activities that can be enjoyed by adults and children.

Nature activities can open up space to inspire and awaken to the importance of nature in our lives.

We believe talking about sustainability, preservation and well-being, surrounded by nature, strengthens feelings, admiration and respect for life

Scheduling - With prior arrangement for groups at 09:00 and 15:00.


Through observing and identifying birds, visitors to Fazenda Bananal have the opportunity for a deep exposure to an impressive sample of the incredible world of the birds of the Atlantic Forest.

We provide trails, accompanied by ornithologists, through the different environments of the Farm, bringing people closer not only to birds, but also to scientific research.

During special events, it is possible to watch, first hand, the monitoring activities developed by the ornithologists, which involve marking different species with rings which have unique codes, checking biological information such as age, size and weight, and the subsequent immediate return of the birds to nature.

The visit must be pre-booked with us.

Bananal’s Yoga Practice

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to provide benefits for people's health, well-being and contribute to the physical, mental and emotional balance of those who practice it.

All these benefits can be better enjoyed when the activity is experienced close to nature, in the fresh air, with kind noise's wind touching the leaves, birdsong, the flower's beauty ...

If you want a complete and pleasant yoga practice, the Fazenda Bananal has the perfect scene.

The visitor can pre-book an individual or group class.

Educational Agroforest

In a space of only 400 m² (4,306 ft2) we produce 60 varieties of food, including fruits, vegetables, root vegetables and heart of palm - all within a forest!

Trees occupy the highest part of the Agroforest and agricultural crops, the lower part - this way, we can produce more food in a smaller area.

Educational Vegetable Garden

The garden is where we grow the Farm's vegetables, leafy greens and herbs/spices.

With a diversity of colors, shapes, aromas and flavors we provide a sensorial experience of the nature's produce.

Visitors can plant with us, in our fertile soil!


Our cows range free in the pasture with the calves.

In the corral they receive the necessary care to ensure their health.

The visitors can watch the daily milk collection at the Farm.

Chicken coop

Where our chickens, the rooster and the chicks live.

Visitors can watch the collection of eggs from the nests and the subsequent cleaning, selection, weighing and packing of the eggs.

Goat Pen

Where our goats live. They sleep in the corral and every day they go to the pasture to feed on fresh grass.

At the goat pens, we milk the goats for fresh milk every day!

Sustainable building techniques

A space to inspire and demonstrate sustainable alternatives used for building houses: walls built with local materials (clay and wood) - a traditional technique known as Taipa.

Rainwater stored and used in bathroom waste disposal, watering the gardens and the vegetable garden.

Sewage treated and absorbed by evapotranspiration, without any contamination of the groundwater table and much more!