TAll facilities were built for the comfort, hygiene and sanity of the animals, ensuring their well-being. Their food is all natural, produced at Fazenda Bananal itself.

The raising of cows for the production of agroecologic milk follows the rotational grazing system where the animals remain in the pasture divided into pens and, when necessary, are supplemented through a feeding trough. They are provided with well-balanced feed, forage plants such as cane, elephant grass, pigeon pea and other food produced on the property. The system allows the animals to benefit from the natural shade of the forest for greater comfort. We chose Jersey breed animals because they are docile, productive and rustic animals.

The dedicated area for pens and facilities is 2,850 m² (0.7 acres). The Farm has 12 Saanen animals – chosen for their dairy capacity and high yield. The goats are milked by hand and also through mechanical milking, and the production of agroecologic milk is all processed at the Fazenda Bananal dairy.

We started with 60 Isa Brown hens and 6 Bovan Good Line roosters. The breeding system is fully sustainable and committed to environmental well being, it is semi-intensive with rotated grass pens where the chickens graze. The eggs are sanitized, selected and packaged in the production unit where they are distributed ensuring total safety for consumers.

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liters of milk produced per year (forecast)

2.850 m2

of dedicated goat farming facilities


eggs are laid per day on average

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